Saturday, 8 April 2017

Record Your Story

Today I finished Altered Art Project for 7 Dots Studio.  It is on an old Hardy Boys hardcover book, I opened the book and used gel medium to hold the book open.  I forgot to take pics as i worked so no step by step but i am so happy with how this turned out i think i see a future class.

Here is the inspiration circle.  I have to say 7 Dots is my favorite manufacturer for paper, plus all those lovely die cuts and phase titles.

This is a picture of my grandma and her oldest four children, my dad is the shorter boy in suspenders the one making a face.  My dad always makes a face in photos or giving the finger to the camera lol.

As usual everything starts with the background paint pages with white gesso then  sprinkled on some burnt umber primary elements, spray with water move the color around with a heat gun. Next glued on some texture chipboard and smeared on some stucco medium.  Paint with alchemy butterfly spells sparks acrylic paint, while it still slightly damp sprinkle on primary elements burnt umber spray with water, again move color around with heat gun.  I did this on several spots on background.

I have finished the above steps i thought it was to dark so I used my finger to smear white acrylic paint around texture areas, then splattered with white paint.  The final effect is very midnight sky.
Used chipboard hinges embossed with stampendous embossing enamel.

Add paper layers I used Writer's block, ripped edges and ink with vintage photo and ground espresso distress ink.  Around layers and on background add some die cuts that come with the paper pack.  I like to highlight the circles with black charcoal smear away harsh edges.  The charcoal looks fantastic smeared on background texture.  Here is used locket chipboard to frame the photos painted with alchemy paints then sanded edges and inked gives it a more rustic finish.

Also in between the layers is colored cheese cloth, colored with Alchemy paint.  I pull at the edges to really fray edges creates lots and lots of texture.

Here I used bumble bee chipboard, first smeared with stucco medium then painted like background texture.  Layer with more die cut elements from paper pack.  Layer with cardboard, thread, die cuts, and lightbulb embellishment.

For the hanging dome I made a bracket with twisted wire, inside is a mini spool of thread with a flower inside.  Now I never use flowers it started because I am surrounded by boys, husband, child and dogs. Flowers create tons of texture and are a great focal point but now it has become my thing to create texture without flowers.  Sometimes I have a stubborn streak, I really want a mini bumble bee but I live in Cold Lake not a ton of craft stores so I made due.

Love how the hanging dome turned out.

As always my favorite spot where all my favorite things, cheesecloth, hanging dome, hinges, background texture, paper edges and title.

This was fun and actually came together super quick once you minus the time for sleep, dinner, driving Alex to meet Opa you know life.  Plus I had an afternoon nap.

Also love this part again that background texture and coloring but I love the big circle paper panel and how the charcoal looks around.

I used the following chipboard pieces in project, they are available on my etsy store BoozyBear.


Bumble Bees


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

OFF The Beaten Path

I finished a layout for a class at an upcoming crop here in Cold Lake at the end of April, so there will be no tutorial but i will put one up after the crop in May.  I really love how this turned out, so I am also going to enter for Mixed Media World Monthly Challenge- What's your Superpower.

My superpower is vintage/ grungy/ steampunk I love to combine all three of these into a layout.

The finished size 8" x 8" and has mountains of layers
1. old book pages
2. crackle paint
3. torn and inked pattern paper
4. chipboard clocks (sold on etsy store Boozybear)
5. rust paste
6. cheesecloth
7. printed paper butterfly
8. chipboard key (also on etsy store Boozybear)
9. chipboard butterfly
10. thread
11. clay brooch
12. lightbulb
13. title
14. spinners
15. thread spool

Whew are you exhausted??? lol

I love the little spool of thread made to look the tangle thread comes from here.

I used Finnabair rust paste and patina rust with clock chipboard to create a rusty old look.

I love the cheesecloth tucked into paper layers, I pulled at it to get frayed edges and colored with Colorarte Primary Elements.

The combination of Rust paste and patina paste is fantastic, all 6 together adds so much dimension.

Here you can see the crackle paint, I dried brushed with rust paste, really highlights the crackle.

Side view of layout and dimension from all those layers.

All the wonderful crackle again.  I am so happy with this layout!!!  Hopefully others are too and the class sells out.

I haven't taught a class in forever, and it really isn't my favorite thing but here i go.  Now i have need to kit classes and album kit, plus instructions it is really cutting into my creative time.  I love the creative side but the marketing side seriously sucks. But alas I do like the income- i can buy more art supplies lol.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Live Simply

Today I tackled Lindy's stamp gang March Color Challenge, here is the mood board

I loved all these colors so I bought color sprays and embossing powder. March 2017 Limited Edition Color Challenge Then i put them away and almost missed the deadline for challenge.

I started with a intricate stencil, instead of the spraying on the color i splatter with nozzle then sprayed real close with water.  I didn't want harsh edges from the edge of stencil or overspray on base page.  I used
Cosmopolitan Pink and
Merci Beaucoup Mint

 Here's how it turned out.  I also sprayed the stencil with Danny Zuko's Demin just the stencil not the layout.  Once i sprayed the stencil i laid it on the layout to get the reserve pattern.  Did that make sense?  Added a couple color spots, sew around circles and outside edge.

Next paint chipboard pieces with black acrylic paint, I used chipboard pieces
available at Boozybear Etsy store
Next i embossed them with  Golden Angel Wings, Terra Cotta Plum, Geranium Coral Blush.  Painting the chipboard black first changes the tone of embossing powder versa if the chipboard was white.

Here's a close up of embossed chipboard pieces, the embossing powder looks super cool on black paint.  Its really hard to get a good picture that shows the wonderful sparkle and color.

Add photo cluster, tags and paper panels, ink the edges with distress ink.  I added twine to tag and tried to artfully arrange around cluster.

Next add some mechanicals draw around outside with black charcoal then smear and blend.  Add photo and rub ons.

Finished layout with a tangle of thread around photo cluster, and add title.  Around the title is Clock chipboard embossed with Merci Beaucoup Mint Embossing Powder. Finished by splattering entire layout with white acrylic paint.

This is another family photo not sure who but man what a great photo.

I love sewing random circles!

I like the subtle background colors

I also love outlining elements with charcoal.

I put this rub on crooked, it really bothers me.

The white acrylic splatter really pulls everything together, just the finishing touch needed.

Chipboard used available at
BoozyBear etsy store






Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Be Bold

Here is the mood board over at Mixed Media Place

Amazing right!!!

I started with a plain vanilla piece of cardstock, laid a floral stencil over top.  Sprinkle Lindy's magical autumn maple crimson then spray with water. Doesn't that look amazing, the mixture of color pinks, yellows, blue and purples.  Dry

Next I drew on brick all sketchy like.

Next i sprinkle on Stampendous shabby white embossing enamel and heat set from the bottom, this is where the gold sparkle comes from.  I also added more texture with alchemy deep water and sponged through a stencil.  I folded the floral paper to look like corrugated cardboard, this one is a kit so I folded a lot of paper it takes patience and time.  Ink edges and layer on paper panel along with photo.

Next add some blue with Lindy's Danny Zuko's Demin splatter on with nozzle and spritz with water to move color around.  Splatter entire layout (cover photos) with alchemy wild fushia and emerald.

Add cardstock texture bits and film frame around photos.  I painted dream catcher available at my etsy store BoozyBear with alchemy emerald, wild fushia, deep waters, and black berry.  This is a new piece I just designed this weekend and love how it turned out and the metallic paint makes it look amazing.  Yes I am bragging.

Finally I painted the backs of pebbles with alchemy emerald and wild fushia let it completely dry.  Glued them onto layout as anchors for journaling, outline pebbles and journaling with black charcoal.  Wrap wire in circles glue around outside of pebbles. Add rub ons randomly around layout then splatter entire layout with white acrylic paint.

The close ups, I really love how this layout turned out- definitely bright and bold!!

Love how the pebbles look with painted back.  As always a favorite spot close up.

A close up of the detail on the dream catcher.

Here you can all those wonderful colors created by Lindy's magical- autumn maple crimson

I didn't rub off the entire rub ons instead purposely made it look old and worn.

Right now I am listening to Lilac Girls about 3 women during WWII- it is heart wrenching and haunting but so well written it is an a fabulous book. I recommend it is a definite must read.  That is what I do when i create either listen to a book or listen Netflix.