Sunday, 19 March 2017

Butterfly Kisses

I am working on layouts for a family album to for a family reunion this summer here is number 2.  I am killing 4 birds with one stone, family album, use some chipboard to promote my etsy store, page kit to sell at a scrapbook store and finally More than Words challenge!  Whew that's a lot of pressure.

Here is the mood board.  Beautiful and butterfly to be included.

Started with pattern paper added a light coat of white gesso, cut paper panels, tore some edges of paper panel then punch with some random holes.  Layer paper panels onto page, add distressing around outside edges with gelatos- used orcal, rust, and brown.  Add texture with modeling paste and stencil.

I added a light coat of clear gesso on entire page over top paper layers and texture. The color soaks to quickly into paper the gesso gives more time to move color around.  Add some color- Lindy's Maidenhead Fern Green, and Kissin Kenickie Coral. Using a paintbrush splatter on color then spritz with water move around with a heat gun.

Paint stencil texture with brown paint, add some stamping.

Punch 1" circles and ink edges, glue onto page.  I added nests of white thread underneath circles along bottom of page beside butterfly.

Sew on circles then around and around some.  I love sewing around and around and around in funky ass circles.

Paint chipboard pieces with alchemy paints- rose opal, rusty red, and blue gold opal in an ombre effect.  I used chipboard pieces from my etsy store BoozyBear
Zippy Butterflies
Wallpaper texture
Scroll Flourish

Splatter with white acrylic paint, I water it down so it splatters easier.

I find when I work on a layout I hate it, I rarely work on a project I like but once I see the pictures I like again. This is very frustrating!!!  Most of the time I like sections but not as a whole- anyone else creative go through this process?

Not sure who this couple is I will need to check with my mom but it is a great aunt and uncle.  I love old pics so much style.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dream Garden

New layout using 7 dots studio, this month's challenge is Love is in Air

I used Cotton Candy Dreams and started by layering on tag, and some paper panels.  I also cut out hexagons from Cotton Candy Dreams glued on in a pattern.  Next add texture with stencil and light modeling paste.  Add some color, use spray nozzle to sprinkle color onto page then spray with water and move color around page.  I used three different colors here.  Finally around the outside edges of paper panels rub on brown gelatos.

Stamp with texture stamp and resist ink, sprinkle with white embossing powder, heat set.  Next stamp checker texture with black archival ink, painted checker with tangerine distress paint.

Emboss chipboard pieces with white embossing enamel I used
Hanging Lantern
Scroll Flourish
Ornate Fence 
all available on my etsy store Boozybear.
I made wire circles and glued them down on layout (my stapler is holding them down)

Around the wire circle frame, I painted alchemy blue gold opal then sprayed with water to blur edges. While the paint is still wet add a few beads and embossing powder.

Add the picture and top paper layers, this is a photo of my grandparents.  I also loved this pic even though they are standing side by side not touching you can see the love and that they were teasing each other.  Added some more stamping on layout and chipboard.

To finish I embossed and stamped some coral paper and cut into 0.25" strips, ripped into different sizes and inked the sides.  Finally tucked them in underneath photo, love how it add more texture but isn't bulky.

I really wanted a shabby chic look and I think it was a success.  Now for the close ups.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Earth Laughs In Flowers

Used some super bright color to complete challenge at Lime Citron

Look at those colors!!!

I started by painting/ spraying color along with water in the shape of flowers and leaves.  I used a darker orange for the center.

Drew on flower and leaves detail, unfortunately I didn't use the right kind of pen it runs when water is sprayed on it.  I like how the color is outside and inside the lines.

I fuzzy cut around the hibiscus and tucked in paper panels.  Next add some texture with distress ink and stencil, stamp with texture stamps and archival ink.  Around flowers and paper panels I painted alchemy deep waters and rusty red, then sprayed with water to blur edges.   So BRIGHT!
Darken the edges of paper panels with rust paste, next splatter with white and gold acrylic paint.  I water down the paint so it splatters easier.

Next emboss postcard edge and frame with gold embossing enamel and paint bumble bee with alchemy black berry.  Layer onto layout, finally I added some beads on postcard edge and on bumble bee but only on the portion in frame.

I really like how the flowers turned out and that purple water mark.  I think the bumble bee is too dark maybe should have painted white.

So bright I really like it, maybe its time to start using more bright colors.  This is why I like challenges makes you work outside your creative box.

I really like white space it is always my favorite parts on a layout.

All those layers make so much texture.

Here's to working outside your creative box.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Live Inspired

I have found my Creative Mojo, I have about 5 pages on the go and this is the first one i finished.  It is for Retro Kraft Blog Challenge

I started with painting a piece of mixed media cardstock with white acrylic paint, don't paint solid but leave streaky.  Next randomly smear on white crackle paste- allow to dry for cracks to appear. Once dry sand entire page.

Ink the entire page with crackled pistachio distress ink, then wipe off excess.  The ink with wipe off white acrylic paint and crackle but settle into sanded portions,streaky areas and cracks gives it a peeled paint look.  Repeated steps with rusty hinge distress ink.

 Next I added ground espresso distress ink in cracks and around outside edges of large chunky peeled areas.

Next layer together Pocket Locket chipboard available on my Etsy Store BoozyBear.  I inked the Pocket Locket (but turns out its not really necessary)  Paint on gel medium but leave it really thick and chunky heat with a heat gun, the gel medium with bubble and crack.

(I didn't take pictures of pocket locket oops) Paint harlequin chipboard white you can see the effect of gel medium gives it a rusted metal look.  Next i used Art Deco antiquing creams- start with brown allow to dry slightly then wipe off excess.  

Repeat steps with Patina Green and Red Oxide.  I used this technique on harlequin chipboard and pocket locket chipboard.

Next cut some paper blocks, distress and ink with cracked pistachio, rusty ink, and ground espresso distress ink.  Glue onto background page add studs in random corners and tuck harlequin chipboard in between layers.  Outline layers and chipboard with rust paste.  Stamp with texture stamp and emboss with white embossing powder.

Spray cheesecloth with lindy's color spray rip up edges,  glue underneath pocket locket. Tuck some circle mesh texture bits underneath.

On top of the pocket locket is mesh bits, bunched up wire, butterfly wings, architectural sconce, finish with pen nib and title.
The architectural scone was painted with alchemy steampunk copper, then dusted with artisan powder, next rub brown rust paste around edges.  Lightly ink with embossing ink, emboss with white embossing powder.  Finally rub on inka gold.  Whew thats done.

Behind wings puddle on alchemy fresh orange spritz with water to blur edges,  Repeat steps with alchemy violent green opal along butterfly wings.

I also added alchemy opal violent green in harlequin chipboard too.


Friday, 10 March 2017

Fortune Teller Album- DONE!!

I have finally finished my fortune teller album, I was so excited to start this album then I lost momentum when i started playing in my art journals.  So I have finished the album- the fun part now I need to write instructions- the not so fun part.  Here are all the finished pages:

Page 1
This is one of my favorite pages, it has all my favorite things, starburst, sewing, checker and teal.  My friend actually said she would hang this piece on her wall.  That is a great compliment.

New chipboard piece used Day & Night

Page 2

Page 3
Mini Folders, these are fun to decorate super small so not to much work.  Here I used new chipboard stars, and orbit

Page 4
This is another fav!  The watercolor flowers turned out beautifully and the chipboard looks fabulous painted with a sprinkle of gold embossing enamel around outside.

New chipboard used All Seeing Eye

Page 5
Here I accidently dropped some Lindy's on the top left corner, I had a moment of panic then decided to make it work.  I sewed around and around and around and made an accent dot.

Page 6
New chipboard piece used Goodnight Moon

Page 7

I have a thing for eyes , my mom asked me last weekend whats with all the eyes???  This is a stencil i designed and I love how it turned out,  around the outside I used treasure island aqua and the blue tint is perfect.

Page 8

Here I used Milky Way chipboard what makes it special is i painted the inner circles all with different Lindy's.  The final affect looks very magical.

Page 9

The stencil used here are distressed playing cards another one of my designs.  Again I used stars chipboard perfect for a little something extra.

Page 10

Since I loved my sewing circle so much I thought why not use again, but this time added little mini clusters around.  I like to think they look like orbit lines around planets.

Chipboard used Pinwheel

Page 11

More circle spots!!  I also used compass stencil another design.

Page 12

I just realized i used the same stencil two pages in a row this hurts my OCD.  I tea dyed the paper and you can really see the effect here.

Page 13

See I am addicted to sewing circles here I used Yin and Yang chipboard. This one is very intricate the feather Yin and Yang fit perfectly together.  A spin on the old.

Page 14

No photo just flowers and texture, sewing around the outside always finishes a layout.

Page 15

Love this old photo she is a beautiful gypsy, here i used Pinwheel chipboard.

Page 16

Final Page and another sewing circle apparently it my new favorite thing lol.

Album Cover

I used distress ink and ink refresher on kraft paper, to make paper look the worn leather once it is completed.  Here is a youtube video for reference.  I used Compass Eyepiece for the cover piece.

Hoping to have a creative weekend, my creative mojo is on the fritz.